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    In 2012, bits of gossip spread that Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama's challenger in the 2012 presidential race, would pick Haley as his bad habit presidential running mate. Yet, Haley said that she would decay any position he may offer her. "The general population of South Carolina gave me a shot," she said in an Associated Press meet in April 2012. "I have an occupation to do and I'm not going to leave my activity for anything." Romney proceeded to report Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate for VP in August 2012.


    On June 17, 2015, the nation was shaken when Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white man, went on a bigot filled shooting frenzy at the noteworthy Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Rooftop was invited into the congregation, where he sat with parishioners and the minister Clementa Pinckney amid Bible examination, before he stood up and declared that he was there "to shoot dark individuals," as per witnesses. Rooftop opened fire, slaughtering six ladies and three men, including Reverend Pinckney, who was likewise a state congressperson. Rooftop later advised police he needed to touch off "a race war."


    Multi day after the disaster, Governor Haley said in a meeting on NBC's Today demonstrate that the shootings ought to be named a loathe wrongdoing and investigators should look for capital punishment for the situation. She called Roof, who had posted a bigot pronouncement on a site and presented in photos on his Facebook page wearing racial oppressors seals, "a man loaded up with abhor."


    Rooftop was additionally found in photos presenting with a Confederate fight hail, which touched off a discussion about whether the banner — an image of detest and division for a few while a wellspring of Southern legacy and pride for other people — ought to be flown at the State Capitol. On June 22, 2015, Haley stood firm requiring the banner's evacuation. "Today we are here in a snapshot of solidarity in our state without hostility to state the time has come to expel the banner from our Capitol grounds," she said at a news gathering encompassed by a gathering of bipartisan legislators. "This banner, while a basic piece of our past, does not speak to the eventual fate of our extraordinary state."


    On July seventh, the South Carolina Senate casted a ballot 36-3 to expel the banner from the Capitol grounds, and on July ninth, the state's House of Representatives casted a ballot 94-20 to pass the Senate bill. Nikki Helpline That equivalent day, Governor Haley marked the bill into law in a service in the hall of the statehouse, which was gone to by state lawmakers, governors and relatives of the shooting exploited people. "It is another day in South Carolina, multi day we would all be able to be pleased with, multi day that genuinely unites every one of us as we keep on recuperating, as one individuals and one state." Haley stated, including: "Now this is about our kids."


    Haley likewise said that nine dedicatory pens from the function would be given to the shooting exploited people's families.

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